Carla Mooney (carlamooney) wrote,
Carla Mooney

Nonfiction Book Blast 2011

I'm really excited that I'm going to part of a panel of 10 nonfiction authors at this June's ALA summer conference in New Orleans. Plans for this have been in the works for several months and I've been pinching myself a lot  - I'm such a fan of the fantastic group of writers that I'll be with!


As part of our promotion for our talk, we've set up a blog that features info about each of us and weekly posts (mine is coming in June).

This week - check out Darcy Patterson's post about her process for writing nonfiction.

We've also got a trailer about our panel that Darcy's fabulously prepared - check it out! 


Tags: ala, nonfiction, nonfiction book blast, trailer
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