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Today I'm happy to interview author Sabbithry Persad about her new book Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?


First off - a little about the author: Sabbithry Persad is the creator of Garbology Kids™ She is the founder and executive managing editor of Green Solutions Magazine and a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She lives in Toronto.

1. How did you come up with the idea for Garbology for Kids?

After reading an article on waste, I wanted to do more and that’s when I decided to write a story. We were already doing something for adults through Green Solutions Magazine, so  I thought, why not do something for kids. So I wrote a story for my niece and nephew that same night, and they loved it. One thing led to another and eventually that one book turned into five books, and everything just rolled along from there.

2. How did you become a children's author? Tell us a little about the path you took to get here.

As a child I wrote many stories and poems for fun, then I veered away from it and got into technical writing, which I also enjoyed because in some ways it has an underlying relationship to educational writing. In both, you are conveying specific information to a specific audience for a specific purpose. When I started writing stories again, I took the experience I had growing up and blended it with technical writing and some teaching experience over the years. Everything seemed to amalgamate into one succinct package.

3. I noticed that Where Do Recyclable Materials Go? is the first in a series – can you tell us a little bit about upcoming titles?

The Garbology Kids™ series idea was eventually inspired by the waste hierarchy. The first book, as you mentioned, is Where Do Recyclable Materials Go? which covers recycling. Other books in the series cover other levels of the waste hierarchy such as reducing, reusing, treating, transforming and disposing of waste. I’m currently working on the second book, reusing, which I hope to have out this September, provided the schedule stays on track.

4. Your bio says that you are also the editor of Green Solutions Magazine? How has also being an editor made you a better author? And vice versa?

Editing articles for Green Solutions Magazine has helped me to, among other things, think more about form and structure. As I began writing the first book, structure played a huge part in writing an educational piece for children. From the layout of the book sections to the content within each of those sections to the topic for each book in the series, structure helped form the skeleton of the entire series which then made it easy to focus on the actual writing. One can get really lost in writing blindly with so much information if structure is lost.

5. What do you hope kids take away from the Garbology Kids™ titles?

There are so many things I hope children take away from each title. The most important thing, however, that I would point out is for children to become conscious about the natural and the human-made world around them. Then I’d hope that they can recognize waste behaviors and either prevent them or change them to less wasteful ones.

Sabbithry - thank you so much for joining me on the blog! To learn more about Sabbithry and her book  - check out her website. Head over to watch a book trailer, enter a book giveaway, and find out more blog tour stops.